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School is closed to the majority of children from Monday 23rd March 2020 until further notice

Bank Scam Alert

Please watch out for emails or text messages supposedly from “your child’s school” where they are requesting bank details so schools can pay you money for Free School Meals.
These messages are definitely not from us and sadly it seems that there are people out there who are trying to take advantage of the current situation.
Braunstone Frith Primary School will not ask for your bank details or credit or debit card number.
If you have received a scam email/message and believe you have given them your bank details, please contact your bank immediately.


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Contact with you

If we haven't heard from you this week, we will have tried to call you. Calls from us will have shown up as either 'No caller ID' or 'Number withheld' Please email your child's class teacher at the homelearning email address (on the home learning page of the website) if you have received a call so that we can stay in touch.

Home Learning

Check out our Coronavirus Home Learning pages on the school website for the two weeks of home learning activities and website links for your child. These will be regularly updated with the next learning activities

Teachers will be contacting you by email to see how you are getting on. Please respond to these emails as we will telephone you if we haven't heard from you. Stay safe and well. Happy learning!


Key workers

If you are a Key worker, please refer to our Key worker information page and contact the school office for further information if you need it.



Check out our Coronavirus Parents Information page on the school website for the latest school updates.


Thank you for your support, Braunstone Frith Primary School


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