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Moving to your new class

Moving to a new class can always be a bit daunting, but at Braunstone Frith Primary School we aim to make it as easy as possible. Working together with pupils, parents and teachers we have organised a wide range of activities to help your children become more accustomed to their new surroundings.


This is held at the nd of the year and gives children the chance to meet next years teachers. They undertake a range of activities in their new classrooms. This ensures that after a fulfilling summer break our pupils will be able to find their feet quickly and return to school without any problems, whether they are transitioning between key stages or just moving up year groups, we want to see positive thinkers and life-long learners thrive in their new environments.

Foundation Stage

Children new to the Foundation Stage will be invited into school with their parents to stay and play before they start at school.

Children moving from Foundation Stage 1 into Foundation stage 2 will spend 7 days in their new classes; getting familiarised with their new environment and their new teachers. Please click on the link below to see transition arrangements.

Foundation stage transition booklet

Key Stage 1

 Children moving to Key Stage 1 will spend 2 days with their new class teacher and 5 days in their new morning groups.

Key Stage 2

 Children moving to Key Stage 2 will spend 2 days with their new class teacher and 5 days in their new morning groups.

Year 6 Leavers

We strive to make the transition from Year 6 into secondary school as smooth as possible for our Pupils (and their parents!).


Information about your child is sent to your child’s secondary school by Miss Allen. This information includes their levels, friendship suggestions and medical issues.  Most secondary schools also arrange a visit to come into school and speak to your child; giving them information about Transition Day and other general information about their chosen school.


The transition date for most city secondary schools is Tuesday 30th June.  This transition is all day and you are required to arrange the transport for your child to attend. 


If your child is within walking distance to the school, this is a good opportunity for your child to plan their route and arrange friends to walk with.  Over the Summer holidays it is also a good idea for you and your child to practice the route again so that they feel confident to walk on their own by September.


If your child is not within walking distance to their secondary school, you must arrange transport for your child, which could include a bus or a taxi.  Some schools do provide a school bus however it is up to you to find out if your child’s chosen school offers this service.  We suggest you ring your child’s chosen school for more information.


Some secondary schools have a different transition date.  If you have not received a letter from your child’s chosen school or are not sure about the date, below is a list of contacts you may find useful:



Contact name

Telephone number


Fran Bennett

0116 2221616

Extension number 103

Beaumont Leys

Beena Sisodia (Assistant Head Teacher)

0116 2344480

English Martyrs

Brenda Bailey

0116 2428880

Hamilton College

Janice Meadwell

0116 2413371

Extension number 244

New College

Jaye Amani

0116 2318500

The Lancaster

Valentina Carletti (Head of Year 7) & Simon Coombes

0116 2703176

The Samworth Academy

Libby Wigginton & Jaime Bateman

0116 2780232



0116 2876914

The Martin High School, Anstey


0116 2363291

Winstanley Community College

Gareth Williams & Debbie Field

0116 2898688