Braunstone Frith Primary School

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Ask Kids

The Spiral Curriculum

Our curriculum follows 6 key principles that allow our children to:

  • Articulate their learning
  • Develop knowledge, vocabulary and skills
  • Use a rich and varied vocabulary
  • Commit learning to their long term memory and make connections
  • Feel included in our community
  • Understand the world around them

Articulate their learning

We offer our children opportunities to use their voice to discuss, present and debate their learning. We are working on innovative and exciting ways for our children to use their voice with purpose to demonstrate their learning and Oracy skills.

Develops knowledge,vocabulary and skills

Our spiral curriculum is designed to build knowledge, vocabulary and skills year on year. We are working on a philosophy of ‘less is more’ that will allow our children to over learn the key information and vocabulary that they need to become experts of their own learning. Teachers plan for the key concepts from each unit to be committed to long term memory and pass these onto the next year group as building blocks for the children’s next stage.

 Use a rich and varied vocabulary

Our vocabulary teaching focusses on words that can be learnt in the context of one particular topic but can also be used in a range of contexts. This is so that our children are exposed to a manageable amount of language that can be transferred into long term memory.

 Commit learning to their long term memory and make connections

We are designing our curriculum around a number of visuals that are displayed in every classroom to support our children to remember their learning. For example, we display a large scale timeline to help our children to make sense of historical periods and the passing of time.

 Feel included in our community

SMSC and British Values are threaded through all aspects of our curriculum. In addition to our teaching on the Equality Act 2010 through No Outsiders, the children in our school are both supported to access the curriculum and challenged to reach their full potential.  

 Understand the world around them

We are aiming for our curriculum to build a sense of social responsibility both in the local community and in the wider world. Our ‘Path to Success’ and spiral curriculum ensure that our children are exposed to the awe and wonder of the world and the importance of understanding British Values in today’s society.