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Space Week 2017

Here at Braunstone Frith Primary School, we really value science as a great stimulus for learning. In January 2017, we held a whole school space week. It had been over a year since the pupils had watched the British astronaut, Tim Peake, blast off into space to live on the International Space Station (ISS). We wanted to rekindle the children’s interest and enthusiasm for all things space related.

During our space week, every class was given the opportunity to use microscopes to examine different materials. In Year 6, the children used the materials to conduct their own research, searching for evidence of life.

Space took over the whole curriculum. In P.E. children became astronauts, training and developing their fitness; they performed dances to space inspired music; and even played planet hopping games.

Everyone enjoyed making their own rockets. They even got to test them using rocket launchers.

Some classes used different materials to investigate space toilets.

As part of the on-going Literacy curriculum, the children used space to help inspire different types of writing. This ranged from poems, stories and descriptions to newspaper reports, explanation texts and persuasive adverts.

It was lovely to see so many children getting their families involved in space week by working together to produce space homework. There were rockets, posters, aliens and poems, all related to space. As it was a competition, the job of picking winners was incredibly tough. Luckily, our governor, Mr Foster, took on the challenge.

We will hopefully be holding similar events in the future as this one was a huge success.