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Physical Education

Becoming a confident Sportsperson at BFPA


Key skill: Hand eye coordination, Teamwork, Ball skills

Visual support: SPORTS acronym posters



Our aim is that children who leave our school in Year 6 will be able:


  • To demonstrate precision, control and fluency when using equipment such as balls and bats.
  • To combine and employ skills they have learnt and demonstrate the understanding of tactics.
  • To demonstrate control of their own body when executing rolls and other gymnastic movements, as well as in game situations.
  • To show confidence and enthusiasm in a range of different physical activities.
  • Demonstrate sportsmanship and team spirit, using positive vocabulary to support one another both in victory and defeat.
  • To accept defeat and to find enjoyment in participation and playing with others.



 How our children learn to be a Sportsperson


Every year, our children take part in a range of PE lessons that cover various styles of physical activity and exercise: Throwing and catching games (that develops into invasion games in KS2), Gymnastics, Dance and Athletics. Skills are built upon each year, allowing children to develop their abilities as they progress through the school.


Alongside opportunities to continually advance their fitness and physical skills, we also support our children in developing a positive attitude towards PE with a focus on teamwork, resilience and achieving their personal best. We look to nurture a positive PE environment where all children can find enjoyment and support one another through positive praise and constructive critique. A focus on these transferable skills will help support our children as they move into secondary school and adulthood.