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Ask Kids

Who to talk to at school

Staff at school will always try to keep parents informed of the progress children are making. This usually happens at parents evenings and open afternoons and sometimes through telephone calls and meetings.

There are times when parents will want to talk to someone in school about their child. If you wish to discuss any issues the first person you need to speak to is your child's class teacher.

If this is not possible, you could speak to the phase leader for the year group.

  • Mrs Duggan for Foundation Stage
  • Mrs Patel for Key Stage 1
  • Miss Allen for Year 3
  • Mrs Mckinnon for Years 4 and 5
  • Mrs Grant for Year 6

The next step after our phase leaders would be our Deputy Headteacher, Mrs Grant

Mrs Grant

Deputy Head


If there is something that the Deputies need some help in sorting, they would ask the Headteacher, Mrs Smith, to step in.

Mrs Smith


Designated Safeguarding Lead

Our Behaviour Mentors, Mrs Winter, Miss Wittering and Miss Robertson; our SENCO, Mrs Jeffery and our Family Support Worker, Mrs Gibson, are also happy to meet with parents and help out when they can.

Mrs Winter Mrs Jeffery Mrs Gibson Miss Wittering
Mrs Winter Mrs Jeffery

Mrs Gibson


Miss Wittering

As stated above, Mrs Duggan is the Phase Leader for Foundation Stage. Mrs Smith and Mrs Tonks teach in Busy Bees, Mrs Makwana teaches in Fabulous Frogs and Miss Mullings is the class teacher in Happy Hedgehogs. Mrs Carlisle teaches the Brainy Bunnies, both morning and afternoon.

Mrs Carlisle

Mrs Duggan
Phase Leader


Mrs Smith
Busy Bees
Mrs Tonks
Busy Bees
Mrs Makwana
Fabulous Frogs
Miss Mullings
Happy Hedgehogs
Mrs Carlisle
Brainy Bunnies

Mrs Patel is the phase leader for Years 1 and 2. Mrs Pegg is the class teacher for Awesome Otters, Miss Allsopp for Bright Badgers and Mr Jefferies for Clever Foxes, whereas Miss Starmar teaches in Western Park.
Miss Croft teaches in Wise Owls, Miss Freer in Smart Squirrels and Miss Manwaring in Wonderful Woodpeckers

Mrs Patel
Phase Leader
Mrs Pegg
Awesome Otters
Miss Allsopp
Bright Badgers
Mr Jefferies
Clever Foxes
Miss Starmar
Western Park
Miss Croft Miss Freer Miss Manwaring
Miss Croft
Wise Owls
Miss Freer
Smart Squirrels
Miss Manwaring
Wonferful Woodpeckers

Miss Allen is the phase leader for Year 3. The class teachers are Miss Roberston (3R), Mr Chamberlain (3C) and Miss Allen & Miss Summers (3SA).

Miss Allen Miss Summers Miss Roberston Mr Chamberlain
Miss Allen
Phase Leader / 3SA, DSL
Miss Summers
Miss Roberston
Mr Chamberlain

Mrs Mckinnon is the phase leader for Years 4 and 5. The class teachers are Mrs Glover in 4G, Miss Mussa in 4M and Miss Thomas in 4T, While Miss Fitzgerald teaches in Abbey Park

Mrs Mickinnon Mrs Glover Miss Mussa Miss Thomas Miss Fitzgerald

Mrs Mckinnon
Phase Leader


Mrs Glover
Miss Mussa
Miss Thomas
Miss Fitzgerald
Abbey Park

The class teachers in Year 5 are Mr Booth for 5B, Mr Naylor for 5N and Miss Cosby for 5C.

Mr Booth Mr Naylor Miss Cosby
Mr Booth
Mr Naylor
Miss Cosby

Mrs Grant is the phase leader for Year 6. Mrs Murray is teacher for 6M, Miss Ground for 6G, Miss Pick for 6P and Mr Taylor for 6T.

Mrs Grant Mrs Murray Miss Ground Miss Pick Mr Taylor
Mrs Grant
Phase Leader
Mrs Murray
Miss Ground
Miss Pick
Mr Taylor