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At Braunstone Frith Primary School we believe in celebrating children’s achievements thus improving their self-esteem and recognising the progress that they make in all areas of their development. Children are rewarded for their progress and behaviour in the classroom through written comments, praise, stamps and stickers. For outstanding work children receive head teacher award stickers.

Other awards they will receive are;

golden bookGolden Bookgolden book

During the Friday whole class assembly, children who have made progress either in their work or behaviour are recognised by receiving praise and a golden book sticker. They have their teachers comments read out in front of the whole school.


Reading Race Track Competition

       racetrack1 racetrack2 racetrack3

Children take a reading race track home each week and parents sign it each time they hear their child read. Each class competes against each other to move along the race track and be the first to lift the winner’s trophy! The winning class receives a set of books; one for each child. Each week 2 reading racetracks are pulled out of a hat and the children win a book.


Attendance Awards


Each week, any class that has achieved attendance of over 95%  is rewarded with an attendance certificate. At the end of each term the winning class receives a golden ticket which they can use to have a celebration of their choosing.

Head teacher’s award

At the end of each term, teachers choose two pupils; one from their class and one from their group to receive a Head teacher’s award for outstanding achievement.

Reading Certificates

Children who receive reading coaching receive a certificate on achieving their reading Level.

Sports Day

All children receive a certificate for taking part, but special certificates are awarded to those children who stood out for team work, sportsmanship, encouraging others or outstanding ability.

Lunchtime Awards

Each day children can earn lunchtime stickers for good behaviour, good eating, making healthy food choices and helping others.

Governor’s Award

This is awarded to a child who has shown outstanding citizenship throughout the year.