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Evington Park Group - Year 2

Welcome to Evington Group Year 2:

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In Literacy we enjoy learning stories and we are becoming good storytellers by remembering a text using actions. We even learn how to tell non-fiction texts using actions. We then use the text we are learning to get creative with our writing.

Until now we have written our own stories based on our knowledge of The Three Billy Goats Gruff and we have written our very own book. Apart from storytelling and writing we also do handwriting once a day and you can really tell by looking at our books.

If we get stuck with our work the Quiet Critters come out of their jar to help us with our GRIT to carry on and keep on trying. During our Literacy lesson we also learn phonics where we are getting a good grasp of our sounds and if you say “look at the letters, make the sounds and blend them together” we will know exactly what to do because that is one of our many phonic mantras.

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In Maths we chant the times tables every day and when we know one by heart we get a sticker to put on our times table chart. When we are not chanting times tables we learn about numbers, shapes, fractions and lots of other interesting maths topics.

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We love to work in different ways and we especially like it when we can work in groups sharing our ideas and helping each other. Also we like to learn maths doing practical things like when we have a shop set up in the class room to link it to subtraction or addition.


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