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Ask Kids

Evington Park Group - Yr 5


Hello! We are Evington Group. We are really keen to learn and try to use our GRIT on a daily basis. GRIT means we have to persevere and keep going even when we are finding things tricky!

We are kept very busy in our group with hand writing, grammar and Literacy all before playtime! We are learning all about ways to make our writing interesting for our readers whether we are focussing on writing stories or non-fiction. We enjoy working in small groups when we complete reading activities.

 After Literacy we do Mathematics when we like to learn new ways to work things out, solve problems and show what we know in practical Maths lessons. When we understand a concept in Maths we become experts and can help others.

We are set homework every week linked to our learning in class. We are working towards our gold award in times tables and try to get full marks in our spelling test every week!


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