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Mandela Park Group - Yr 4

mandela park


Welcome to Mandela group - Year 4!



In Literacy we have written wonderful traditional tales! In Talk for Writing, we have learnt the Pied Piper orally and created actions to help us to remember it. We have also learnt about fronted adverbials and prepositions which we are now applying to all of our other writing.

We have made jam sandwiches to help us write some instructions and used our ideas to write how to make a witches potion! We have used time conjunctions and imperative verbs to make our writing really impressive.

We will now be able to apply everything that we have learned to become even better writers!



In maths we love to show off our addition, subtraction, multiplication AND division skills! This means that we are becoming great mathematicians.

Every day, we practise our times tables using the counting stick and a metronome, and we can even do it with all of the numbers missing from the counting stick! Many of us are getting our bronze and silver stickers for our times tables and we are working on knowing the inverse to achieve our gold sticker and certificate!


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