Braunstone Frith Primary School

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Trips & Visits

Educational Visits

Foundation Stage:

Throughout Foundation Stage the children have new opportunities and learn about the world through hands on experiences. The children visit different parts of the school grounds and hunt for plants, minibeasts and meet different people who work in and around the school. They have the chance to learn about their environment by going on walks and trips to different places including farms and zoos to enhance the learning they have developed within school. The staff in Foundation Stage are always looking for different opportunities to support the children’s learning and give them the best opportunities to learn from first hand experiences.

Key Stage One:

Children in Key stage also learn about their local environment by discovering different parts of the school grounds and visiting our outdoor area when investigating particular topics. They have the chance to form relationships with other schools which have cultural differences and are in different parts of the city.  During the year the connected curriculum gives the opportunity for the children to visit places to enhance their learning about a particular topic such as the Botanic Gardens where we looked at where in the world different ingredients come from to make a cake.  We visit the local college to take part in festivals and meet other children from different schools.  Sometimes we go to places like the Outdoor Pursuits Centre where we have the opportunity to learn about ourselves, learn new skills, work together and have the pride of achieving new goals.

It is so exciting. What else can we think of? The sky is the limit!