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RE in Key Stage 1

RE in KS1 explores Christianity as well as Sikhism in depth. Children learn through an enquiry based curriculum, answering questions such as 'Where do I belong? What do I believe? Who is an inspiring person? Who is a Christian and what do they believe?' We aim to begin to give children a basic knowledge and understanding of religious beliefs and practices. We want children to gain an awareness of the spiritual dimension of life and to understand and respect how religious beliefs and values affect ways of living. Children are encouraged to use their imaginations to develop a sense of wonder about the world and to talk about what is important to them. We want them to ask questions and to share and discuss each other’s opinions.


Religious Education should be provided for all registered pupils except for those withdrawn at the request of their parents (s 71 SSFA 1998). This will include school children in Reception classes as well as Post 16 students (but not those at Sixth Form colleges). Special schools should comply as far as is practicable.

Education Act 2002 Section 80 (1) (a); (2) (a)