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Braunstone Frith Science Principles

The school's science principles were created after consultation with the children, staff and governors of the school and have now been embedded as part of a whole school vision for science teaching and learning

At our school, great science means:

We do practical, hands-on investigations and enquiry
We have opportunities to independently ask questions, explore and make decisions.
We make links between science, other subjects and the world around us
We use a wide range of resources and equipment to extend our skills
We understand how to use scientific language, which we show in our talk, written work and displays

Our teachers are enthusiastic and committed science experts who confidently talk about science

By doing this together, we ensure that every child makes progress in science!

Braunstone Frith?s Space Education Quality Mark

The Space Education Quality Mark (SEQM) is an award given to schools that have shown significant use of the context of space in STEM subjects, have worked with other organisations, shared resources and used space to enrich the curriculum.

The SEQM is run by the European Space Education Resources Office in the UK (ESERO-UK). Space is an inspiring and exciting context in which to learn science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM).

Braunstone Frith Primary School is proud to have achieved a Silver Space Education Quality Mark (SEQM). In doing this, we were able to promote the topic of space across all the year groups and continue to support children in their growing curiosity about the world around and beyond them. As part of the award, we received our very own Space Education Quality Mark which is displayed in the school entrance area.

Here at Braunstone Frith Primary School, we think it is really important to continue learning about space, therefore we have made space a curriculum topic in both key stages and pupils benefit from strong links with the National Space Centre, visiting annually.
Our whole school space homework was especially successful in 2017 with a huge response. The space inspired homework took over the school entrance area, as you can see here:


Science Events and News

BBC Live Lesson

Animal Day

E-On Science Show

Trip to Space Centre

Gopher Science Lab

Space Week 




Useful Websites

Reach out reporter is a website aimed at primary children which shares topical science issues. It is really up-to-date with all the things the children are seeing and hearing about in the news as well as so more unusual articles to make them think. Please use it as a 5 minute discussion. The clips can be used to promote asking questions and showing that it is ok to not have all the answers.