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Ask Kids

Abbey Park Group - Yr 4


Welcome to Abbey Group Year 4


In Abbey group we work really hard and enjoy learning about Literacy and Maths in the mornings and we always persevere to achieve our best in each lesson. We love a challenge!


In Literacy, we have to think of new ways in which to improve. We are constantly searching for new vocabulary especially using fronted adverbials, to help us improve our writing.  We look at all sorts of writing so that we can become better writer’s ourselves. Sometimes we even learn the stories by heart so that we can innovate and invent our own versions. It’s great when we get to edit and improve our work so we can become better writers. Reading is especially important in our group, as it helps us to achieve our targets in writing and even maths sometimes!


In Maths, we practice our times tables daily to help us improve our maths skills.  We work on our written methods for all four operations to solve real-life maths problems and we always enjoy a challenge! We love doing maths in a practical way including when we made human arrays out of our own bodies when we were learning our times table and division facts.

 maths 1

Each day is different, with a new task to complete where we try to hit our targets and achieve our very best!


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