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Every Child a Reader

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Braunstone Frith Primary School is an ECAR school which means that we aim to make every child in our school a reader. We have a Reading Recovery teacher who is highly skilled to boast children that need some extra literacy support. She works one to one, every day, with children in year one that are struggling with their reading and writing.

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During a reading recovery session the children read up to 4 books, play games with words and make up and write a sentence.  The children work very hard but within a few months they can make excellent progress and can move from a book level 1 to a book level 15.  They learn all the skills of what a good reader should do. 




There is other reading support within our school.  We have teaching assistants that are trained to support children in their reading through Better Reading Partners (BRP) and also teaching assistants that carry out Reading Coaching. They support children in year two that need some extra support or just need more daily practise in order to become a better reader.

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 Supporting Phonics in the Early Years

At Braunstone Frith Primary School, children in the early years are supported in their reading through a personalised one to one phonics support programme. This is individual learning of the phonic sounds to ensure that every child is secure in their matching of the sound (phoneme) with the written letter (grapheme). The children love going out of the classroom for their sessions and return with lots of stickers to show their achievements. Once the sounds have been learned they progress onto words and the children are keen to share their new skills with other children in the class as well as any teacher they meet!