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Jolly Phonics was the main scheme for teaching phonics at Braunstone Frith Primary School.

The Foundation Stage and Year 1 classes have adopted a new approach in the teaching of phonics. They use Letters and Sounds and have been working with a consultant called Ann Smalberger to use her strategies to deliver this phonics programme. We are in the process of becoming a 'Knowledge Transfer School'. (See KS1 subjects to find out more). 

The rest of the school continues to use the Jolly Phonics Programme and Year 2 move onto Jolly Grammar. Every child has access to a daily phonics lesson and this is then applied in all areas of the curriculum.

In Key Stage 2 guided reading takes place outside the daily literacy lesson where the focus is on reading and comprehension skills.

All children are taught to form their letters correctly and improve their handwriting by joining their letters carefully.  In Key stage 2, children have a discrete daily handwriting session. The children are encouraged to apply their skills throughout the curriculum.