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Ask Kids

Evington Park Group - Yr 4

We are Year 4 Evington group!

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In Literacy we are exploring different genres of writing fiction and non-fiction. We are improving our writing all the time, including new features as we learn them such as fronted adverbials, conjunctions and adjectives. We work very hard on our ‘hot’ writes to showcase the learning that has happened in our lessons.

We love Maths and we practice our times tables to a steady beat on a metronome every day! It is really helping us to remember our times tables and it’s a lot of fun! We work on problem solving using all of the four operations and develop our written method skills to find the answers.

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We use our thought-process-hats in Maths to explain what is going on in our heads. This helps us with our mental maths, and allows us to share our methods with each other.

We use our GRIT if we are finding things tricky or feeling stuck. We know that people don’t always get things right the first time they try it, so we make sure that we keep trying and practise our new skills. We can apply this to anything new that we try to do.

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