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 Modern Foreign Languages 

Once your child reaches Key Stage Two, they will have the exciting opportunity of learning French. This page gives you an idea of some of the areas your child will learn. You may like to have a look with your child at some of the words. 

Learning another language is great for a child’s confidence and also helps them with other areas of their work. Speaking another language is also really helpful in many areas of work. At Braunstone Frith, children will learn French through games, songs and a variety of activities. They will learn to listen, speak, read and write French.

Here are some of the words and phrases your child will be learning;

Bonjour Hello
Salut Hi, Bye
Au revoir Good bye
Comment tu t'appelles What is your name?
Je m'appelle My name is...
Ça va? How are you?
Ça va bien I am fine
Comme ci, comme ça OK
Ça va mal Not good
Quel âge as-tu? How old are you?
J’ai ­­­­­8 ans I am 8

Here are some colours;
Can you try to say them with your child?

rouge bleu vert jaune
red blue green yellow

un 1 onze 11
deux 2 douze 12
trois 3 treize 13
quatre 4 quatorze 14
cinq 5 quinze 15
six 6 seize 16
sept 7 dix-sept 17
huit 8 dix-huit 18
neuf 9 dix-neuf 19
dix 10 vignt 20

Days of the week:
In French, the days of the week do not have a capital letter.

lundi Monday
mardi Tuesday
mercredi Wednesday
jeudi Thursday
vendredi Friday
samedi Saturday
dimanche Sunday

Learning objectives by year

Year 3 Name
Where I live
How I am feeling
Numbers from 1 to 10
Members of the family
Year 4 Days of the week
Numbers from 11 to 20
Likes and dislikes
Year 5 Parts of the body
Numbers up to 50
Year 6 Places in my school
School subjects
Rooms in my house
Places in town

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