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Key Stage 2 Curriculum Information



Literacy lessons are based on the National Curriculum programme of study. Pupils learn writing and reading skills including spelling, grammar, handwriting and punctuation and they have lots of opportunities to apply this in their own writing. Pupils are taught a range of writing genres including fiction and non-fiction and these learnt skills are then applied in other subjects. The handwriting scheme used in school is The MSL Handwriting Rescue Scheme.

Year 3 Books and stories

Mufaro’s Beautiful Daughters – Michael Morpurgo

Room on the Broom


Jack the giant slayer

Robin Hood


Year 4 Books and stories

Traditional Tales – Romulus and Remus

The Pied Piper

A Christmas Carol

Pinocchio by Michael Morpurgo

Leon and the Place Between

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory


Year 5 Books and Stories

The Silver Sword

The Giants Necklace

The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe

The Long Walk to Freedom


Year 6 Books and Stories



Maths teaching is based on the Singapore method of teaching and the scheme used in school to support this is called Maths No Problem. The Singapore method is a highly practical and visual system, so all pupils are able to understand different Mathematical ideas and concepts. The teaching of times tables and number bonds is also taught as part of the Maths curriculum to ensure pupils have secure number fluency.



The RE curriculum follows the Leicester City Agreed RE Syllabus. This allows all pupils to develop understanding of other beliefs and cultures which may be different to their own. The curriculum includes visits to places of worship and finding out about religious artefacts, books and customs.




There are opportunities in school for pupils to learn musical instruments including: guitars, trombones, trumpets and steel pans. The music curriculum is based on the Charanga scheme.



All pupils in Key Stage 2 have French lessons from our specialist French teach, Madame Patterson. In the lessons the pupils learn the language and develop their vocabulary through a range of interactive games and songs.



The PSCHE curriculum is based on SEALs and has different themes throughout the year. Lessons include stories, circle time and discussions to support pupils understanding as well as opportunities to share positive messages or ideas to support each other.



In PE, teaching is based on the Val Sabin scheme. Throughout the year pupil’s work on different elements of PE including gymnastics, ball games, dance and invasion games. In year 3 and 4 pupils also have swimming lessons as part of their PE curriculum.


Learning Challenge curriculum

The Learning Challenge Curriculum is a question based approach to teaching which combines Geography, History, Art and DT skills. Pupils have a question to answer over the course of the topic and find out information about facts through these different questions. Pupils are encouraged to use their Literacy and Maths skills in their topic work.


In Science, the question based Learning Challenge Curriculum allows pupils to investigate an area of Science through practical investigations, experiments and observations. During Science we try and link learning to other areas of the curriculum.


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Our connected curriculum is outlined below;

Year 3:

Year 4:

Year 5:

Year 6: