Braunstone Frith Primary School

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History is one of the National Curriculum ‘Foundation subjects’ and is taught using a ‘themed curriculum’ in the afternoons, however often what the children learn in literacy and numeracy will link to their afternoon ‘Theme.’


Throughout the school the children are given the opportunity to explore the past in various ways while developing their skills as historians.  The children are encouraged to begin each new theme with a questioning lesson which in turn, leads our learning for the unit. As the unit progresses, children are able to answer their initial questions and pose further probing questions about the theme they are learning. 


We aim to give the children a solid grounding in the history of their local community, Britain and the wider world by looking at various points in time. This enables children to begin to picture how the world has come to be.  Looking at history does not always mean looking at the past, as we often think to the future and how we can learn from the past in order to learn for their future.