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Mandela Park Group - Yr 2

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Welcome to the Year 2 Mandela Group!

We are fabulous learners who use our GRIT in everything we do. We put lots of effort into all our learning and we know that if we keep practising then we will achieve our goals. We understand that when we work hard our brain gets bigger so we never give up, even when we are faced with the biggest challenges. We also love encouraging each other and saying, “Well done!” when our classmates have done well.

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We have an extremely busy morning in Mandela Group. We work hard with handwriting, grammar, spelling, phonics and writing all before play time. To help us with our writing we use ‘Talk4Writing’. This means we learn lots of stories and information texts off by heart using words and actions. When we are feeling confident, we use what we have learnt to write our very own texts.


After play time we work hard with our learning in maths. Every day we practise counting, number facts and times tables. We love using practical resources to explore maths and we enjoy the challenge of solving maths puzzles and problems. We also work really hard to explain our answers using the maths vocabulary that we have learnt.

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Continuing our learning at home is very important. We enjoy learning our spellings and times tables at home and in school so that we do really well in our weekly tests. As well as spellings and times tables, we have weekly Literacy or Maths homework. We also try our very best to read five times per week so that we can bring our completed Reading Racetrack back to school.


Visit our web page "How to help your child at home" for more information on how to support your child's learning.

Parents: If you want to help us learn and be a star parent, please help us to complete our homework and sign our reading race track! If you have any questions you can always make an appointment to see your child's teacher at any time.