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Brainy Bunnies

brainy bunny

Foundation Stage One Class


Welcome to Brainy Bunnies! We love making learning fun. We follow the six areas of the  Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS). We make the most of being inside the classroom and also outside! We believe in caring and sharing and being helpful and brainy in the classroom and that’s why we are Brainy Bunnies.

We learn through 'In the moment planning' which means our adults join us in our play and develop our talking, learning and skills.

Oracy drives our learning as we begin to talk about what we can see, hear, smell and touch. We love investigating and talking about our learning.

We are beginning to mark make and tell others what they mean.

 We love listening to music and singing our favourite songs. 

We practise talking and use new words we have learned.

   We love concentrating and writing.

We love sharing books and know how they work.

We look forward to reading to you when you come to our

 next open afternoon!