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Ask Kids

Evington Park Group - Yr 3


Welcome to Year 3 Evington group.


Every day we use our GRIT to embrace new and challenging tasks. Since the beginning of the year we have been working hard to practise our handwriting using a fully cursive style. Each week we have a different Grammar focus that we learn about. This helps us to speak and write using Standard English.


In Numeracy, we chant our times tables, practise the days of the week, months of the year and use our clocks to tell the time. We have also recently started some exciting new Maths work called Singapore Maths. We enjoy it because we each have our own workbook and we use lots of practical equipment, even sweets!

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Each week we have homework to help us further our learning. We must practise our reading at home with an adult, learn our word wall spellings and complete short writing and maths tasks. This is really important so that we can continue to improve upon the skills we have learnt during the week and share what we have been doing with people at home.

Visit our web page "How to help your child at home" for more information on how to support your child's learning.