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Ask Kids

Evington Park Group - Yr 1

Hello. We are Year 1 Evington Park Group.


In the morning we work on Reading, Writing and Maths.

We love listening to different stories and putting actions to them to help us to remember the story.

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We also enjoy reading books and writing for lots of different reasons. We have written a book for the library so far and now we are writing a story book for another class.

After playtime we do Maths, when we like to count in lots of different ways. We are learning to add and subtract numbers and we chant our times tables daily. Shapes have been fun to learn about too.


We have had lots of play dough hedgehogs come to visit us, we had great fun exploring and counting them.


Sometimes we work together in groups to play games to help our learning


We have a Grit Monster in our room too. It helps us to remember to try really hard, even when things are tricky and we don’t give up. Grit Monster also likes to help us to celebrate each other’s success when we have worked hard, especially when we have achieved a target.


Visit our web page "How to help your child at home" for more information on how to support your child's learning.

Parents: If you want to help us learn and be a star parent, please help us to complete our homework and sign our reading race track! If you have any questions you can always make an appointment to see your child's teacher at any time.