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Wise Owls Year 1

Wise Owl's

Hi we are the Wise Owls,

wo bug hunt wo bug hunt 1 wo bug hunt 2

We are the Wise Owls and we like to have fun as we learn.  The best way we learn about new things is through investigating and exploring  our topic theme. This includes going on minibeats hunts and having walks aroung the local area when we were learning about our where we live and our environment. This gives us lots to talk about so then we can do some super writing. Other topics we have/will be learning about this year are...

We are an extremely creative class that loves to draw, design and make things. This year we have created...  


We enjoy working as a team to think of ways to show our learning around the classroom.


music music 1

We are looking forward to the next theme and to learn new things in different ways.


This year we will be learning about: