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Ask Kids

Smart Squirrels Year 1

smart squirrel

Hi we are the Smart Squirrel’s. We are a Year 1 Class.


We learn through fun and creative activities. We use our role play area to learn about our afternoon topic. We have had a builder’s yard where the children explored different materials and textures to support our topic ‘Which materials did the three little pigs use to build their houses?’


 We also like to go into the computer suite and use the I pads to investigate and research information for our topics. We enjoyed making a firework picture on the 2 paint program using lots of different colours.


The Smart Squirrels love P.E. They work extremely well together when playing team games and enjoy using the apparatus to balance and climb using their gross motor skills.


As well as learning through play Smart Squirrels also love reading and writing every day! We are very good at using our phonics to help us. When reading we “Look at the letters, make the sounds and blend the sounds together. We also cross check with the picture.” When writing we “Say the word, robot the word and write the word.”


To support us with our learning we always use our growth mind set and we never give up like Gerald the Giraffe.

We look forward to sharing some of our fun times with you at our next open afternoon and look forward to welcoming you to Smart Squirrels.



This year we will be learning about: