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Ask Kids


Bright Badgers Year 2


We are the Bright badgers and we like working and learning together. Every afternoon we do lots of different activities and work together to find out new things.

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We really enjoy learning about the past. We like to role play events that happened in the past and even dress up like people used to. We like to compare what life used to be like to what our lives our like. We find it amazing to look at old pictures and especially enjoyed learning about the Victorians.


We also enjoy science activities. We learn about our bodies and what keeps us healthy. We enjoy learning about science outdoors and visiting our school garden to help us understand how things grow.

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In the Bright Badgers we like to be creative and get very messy. We are learning how to sketch pictures of ourselves and build models using different recycled materials.

Everything we do in the Bright badgers we try to do together and we are learning to work in a team and cooperate with others. Our class rules are we are kind, we are helpful, we share and we are polite. We try hard to follow these in everything we do.

This year we will be learning about: