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Ask Kids

Bradgate Park Group - Yr 6



Hi and welcome to Year 6 Bradgate Group with Miss Allen and Mrs Morris!


This year we are working extremely hard preparing for our important SATS in May.  In literacy we have been working on a range of different text types such as narrative genres and balanced discussions.  Come and have a read of our fantastic work on our display called ‘What I need to do to become a better writer!’ 


In maths we have been revising our written methods for addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. We have also been working hard to answer word problems using our logic and reasoning skills using RUCSAC. Come and ask one of us what RUCSAC stands for!


For Guided Reading we have been practising a range of skills from predicting the content of a fiction book to using skimming and scanning to make notes from non-fiction books.  


This year we have also introduced something new in Year 6 called Assertive Mentoring. We meet with our group teacher each half term to talk about our achievement, progress and attitude and are given targets to work towards. Come and find us in the Key Stage 2 playground and talk to us about our targets and what we need to do next… We look forward to seeing you!

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