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Abbey Park Group - Year 2

abbey park


Welcome to Abbey group year 2


We do lots of exciting things in the morning and enjoy finding things out together.


Phonics/ spelling

We already know our 42 sounds so we have begun work looking at the alternatives. We are getting good at recognising the sound in reading and are trying hard to choose the right grapheme when we are writing. There are many alternatives so we are working hard to practise our spellings. We have weekly spelling tests which test our knowledge of the alternatives and the year two spelling patterns.



We are really enjoying our new grammar unit. We are learning so many new things about spelling patterns and punctuation. We have started to recognise verbs, adjectives and nouns and we are using them in our writing. We have also looked at punctuation such as a question mark, exclamation mark, full stop and commas. We are so clever we have even started to use apostrophes! Every week we do a grammar hammer test and we try so hard to be green every week.



In literacy we write a range of texts. We have been working on our handwriting and now we are all using cursive handwriting, it looks amazing! We are working hard to remember capital letters and full stops in all our writing but we are also using adjectives now to make it even more exciting. We love telling stories and using actions to help us remember them.



We do lots of different things in maths. We like to count in twos, fives and tens. We are practising our times tables and trying to get bronze and silver stickers for knowing them off by heart. We enjoy working together in maths to solve problems.

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Parents: If you want to help us learn and be a star parent, please help us to complete our homework and sign our reading race track! If you have any questions you can always make an appointment to see your child's teacher at any time.