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Welcome to 4P’s webpage


In 4P we like to learn with different people and we change our learning partners every week to allow us to be a great team. We like to have fun as we learn, taking part in practical activities through our topic and science work.

We have learnt about The Romans and we all loved our trip to Bosworth Battlefield where we got to meet a real Roman Centurion! We enjoy carousel activities, particularly in science as we get to be hands on and find out things for ourselves.


Our river topic has allowed us to use our creative sides making our own riverboats which could really float and we are painting our own river pictures inspired by Monet.   We enjoy working as a team to think of ways to show our learning around the classroom and as a class we will be working with Busy Bees to create a celebration display for the school.


We love our themed days in school also and had great fun on No Pens Wednesday making sandwiches and completing our assault course with our eyes closed. Team work was really important as we had to listen very carefully to our partner’s instructions. It’s a good job we are such excellent team players and friends!  We are looking forward to the next theme and to learn new things in different ways. 

We look forward to welcoming you on our next open afternoon.

This year we will be learning about: