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PE and Sport Premium

Academic Year 2018/2019

Total of £21,016

This funding must be used to improve the quality of PE and the sports activities that we offer.

Click here to see a report on the impact of the PE and Sports Premium for the last school year.




Impact on participation and attainment

How this improvement will be sustainable

Specialist PE teacher
Specialist coaching lunchtime / after school


Up to date and relevant coaching. Higher level for particular sports. Team teach coaching to improve staff curriculum knowledge.
Spaces filled (including 41% girls). Positive engagement. Improved agility. Improved fitness and balance ability. Lunchtime management is more effective.

- Staff are more skilled to teach good or better PE lessons.
The children will experience a wider range of sports coached at a higher level therefore children will be better skilled long-term.
Children will be more inspired to continue playing a sport in a team as they progress through school and onto the next stage of their education.

Sports Leaders now run lunchtime games on the playground allowing more children to freely participate.

Specialist Sports Coached and Intervention Package (LCFC STARS)


Inspirational coaching for specifically targeted children to enable personal targets to be met.

Lunchtime and after school club also included.

Staff will observe how this is delivered and can redeliver in the future.

Children will be inspired to learn and to continue progressing

Children will become more active and have improved fitness

After school clubs & events - school teaching staff


Positive engagement. Improved agility. Improved fitness. Wider variety of extra-curricular opportunities for children.

Increased engagement across the whole school through extra-curricular opportunities.
- Children will be more inspired to continue playing a sport in a team as they progress through school and onto the next stage of their education

Transport to date


Improved opportunities to take part in competitions and events.

- BFPS will be able to take part in more competitions and events across the City therefore BFPS will be more highly regarded among the sporting community.

Sport Equipment


PE lessons better equipped and resourced. A wider variety of physical activity can be offered. PE lessons are more accessible for all.
- New Astro goals
- Balls for a variety of sports

- Parents and stakeholders will see that BFPS hold PE and healthy living in high regard and that sporting achievements are celebrated within school.
- PE lessons and activities will be supported to be good or better through the use of good organisation, storage and equipment.

Administration for the football league


Improved football skills and physical ability. Improved cooperation within a team. Improved opportunities to take part in competitions and events in the wider community.

- BFPS football team will be open to more opportunities after taking part in competitions and events through the league. Therefore BFPS will be more highly regarded among the sporting community.



Grant funding
Staff salary budget
School fundraising


Provision of PE and Sport

- BFPS believe that Physical Education plays a vital role in contributing to a child’s physical and emotional development and well-being. We believe that PE lessons at our school provide a platform to encourage and motivate our children in extra-curricular sporting participation.
- As a school, we aim to provide as many sporting opportunities as possible for all of our pupils, both within the curriculum and outside of it, as well as competitive opportunities.
- Physical movement of any kind is fundamental in allowing our pupils to grow into healthy and active children.
- Currently we offer a wide range of sports clubs across the school including football, basketball, dodgeball, multi-sports, rounders, athletics, cricket and badminton.
- This funding will enable the school to build on the quality of our PE and sports provision throughout the school. It will also allow us to effectively increase the amount of extra-curricular sport and activity.

Our vision for PE and sport

As a school we will:
- Develop a sustainable and coherent sports programme throughout the whole school.
- Offer a broad and balanced PE programme which is accessible to all.
- Ensure that all groups of pupils are inspired by what we offer and participate in both individual and team activities.
- Increase our frequency and quality of sporting activities and build on what we already offer.