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Key Stage 2


Each year children will build on their computing skills; earning badges for their achievements. They can become Digital Leaders for their class or group which will involve sharing their expertese with others and creating their own projects for the school.

In Key Stage 2 Computing continues to be taught in the three areas;


Computer Science          Information Technology           Digital Literacy


 Computer Science involves understanding an algorithm (a series of steps or instructions). Children will learn to programme in a variety of langauges making robots move, creating their own games and animating. They will begin to understand how to debug (unpick) their programmes when they go wrong and to begin to use logical thinking in planning their work.







Programming - Computer Science                                                   Modelling & simulation - Computer Science 


Information Technology involves learning about technology in the real world its uses and how it can be applied to solve problems.



Digital Literacy ensures that all children are responsible users (e-safety) and effective communicators. 




Computing Clinic

The Key Stage 1 Computing suite is open on Thursday mornings from 9.30 a.m. for parents to drop in and ask any Computing related questions about access at home, parental controls, e-safety and how they can help their child. We look forward to seeing you there!


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