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Ask Kids

On Monday 3rd July (KS2) and Wednesday 5th July (KS1 & FS) the school held its first annual Fun Run. The children at school raised sponsorship money by running a 2km course around the school grounds. 

The children can take extreme pride in the effort and grit they put in on the day. The school is delighted to say that over £1200 was raised! The school will use the money raised to purchase sports equipment for all the children to use and enjoy. 

I'm really proud of myself (and I'm never proud of myself!)

- Toby-John

Remember, you don't need anything special to exercise! Just get out there and get active!

Exercise results in several long term health benefits such as; a lower risk of diabetes, being less prone to colds, allergies & diseases, lower risk of heart disease and stronger bones and muscles just to name a few.

While those might seem obvious, you may be happy to know that children who exercise have more energy, have a better memory and have better concentration skills.

Exercise can also reduce stress, anxiety, and depression, in addition to improving mood. Sleep quality is also improved!

Just as importantly, physical activity helps children's self-esteem and gives them confidence, especially when they experience overcoming challenging situations. Team or social sports also help children develop social skills. 

The school hopes parents and children enjoy outdoor activities, exercise and being active as much as possible; together we can encourage good nutrition and a healthy lifestyle that will reap rewards for the years to come.