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Early Reading

At Braunstone Frith Primary Academy, we value phonics as a key skill that supports the development of early reading, and we enable our pupils to become lifelong readers. Synthetic phonics is the first formal method for the teaching of reading that we use.  It provides the foundations children need to become a fluent reader. Our phonics provision is designed to ensure our pupils are taught the key skills in segmenting and blending, and that they can progress through the phonics phases developing their confidence and fluency in reading. When children are able to decode fluently, the teaching of comprehension becomes quicker and more effective as they are able to focus all of their attention to understanding what they read.


At BFPA, we use the KTC approach and ALS Phonics for the quality first teaching of phonics and early reading, which demonstrates structure and routine in pupils learning and teaches them how to apply this knowledge in other contexts. Children are given daily, interactive, and challenging lessons to ensure effective learning and progress takes place. They are taught the graphemes and their corresponding phonemes , beginning with the simplest sounds first and progress systematically through to the most complex combinations of letters.

Each phonics session includes  a recap of prior learning, hearing and saying a new phoneme, practising through reading and writing words and then applying the new sound by either reading or writing a sentence.


 Using KTC, we intend our pupils to be able to:

·       Recognise, say and write all phonemes within each phase of Letters and Sounds

·       Use their phonic knowledge to blend and segment phonetically decodable words

·       Use their phonic knowledge to attempt to read and write more complex words

·       Read easily, fluently and with good understanding, age and ability appropriate texts

·       Develop the habit of reading widely and often, for both pleasure and information

·       Write clearly, accurately and coherently, using phonic knowledge


Our phonics teaching is linked to books through whole class reading, using big books for shared reading.  We provide our children with guided reading and one to one reading sessions in which the children read phonically decodable texts. This ensures that the children understand the purpose of their phonics learning as they are able to apply their learning in a purposeful manner.