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Positive Thinkers and LiFElong Learners’



Welcome to Braunstone Frith Primary Academy’s website. I am really proud and excited to share with you all the great things about our school. I hope you will find the site enjoyable, interesting and informative.

Braunstone Frith Primary Academy is on the western edge of Leicester City. We have approachable, committed and professional staff, dedicated governors, supportive and caring parents and fantastic children. It is a happy and fun place to learn.

At Braunstone Frith Primary, our children are at the heart of everything we do. Our intent is for our children to become Positive Thinkers and LiFElong Learners who are ready to become part of both their diverse community and have an understanding of the wider world. We aim to ensure that we are offering our children an engaging, inclusive, supportive and safe environment that allows them to thrive. Our aim at Braunstone Frith Primary Academy is for our children to leave as responsible young people who can make informed decisions. We recognise that schools transform lives.

We are thrilled to be part of the LiFE Academy Trust since 1st September 2019 which will support our school to continue to improve further through collaboration and sharing of expertise

We are extremely proud of the improved academic progress in our school particularly in 2019 when the progress in Reading, Writing and Maths was in line with National and all progress scores are positive for the first time. Braunstone Frith Primary will continue to drive its own improvement with the support of LiFE, set its own challenging targets and recognise that for the sake of our learners we can always do better.

Come and see all the wonderful things we achieve!


Mrs. A. Smith