Braunstone Frith Primary School

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Ask Kids


Hi we are 5EB


 We are a kind and helpful class that love to learn together. We change our learning partner every week which means we get to practise our speaking and listening with different people.

Our favourite way to learn is through our theme work which links together history, geography and science.  This is where we learn about the world and how it came to be the way it is.  We bring our topics alive by going on a trip linked to our theme every half term. We find our trips really interesting and everyone we meet when we are out and about comments on what a thoughtful and engaged class we are!

Together as a class we are working hard on making sure we have a positive learning attitude where we always have a go and try our best – even when we are finding things tricky. We are really good at helping each other out and working co-operatively.

We look forward to welcoming you into our classroom on one of our open days. 


This year we are learning about: