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Ask Kids


Welcome to 4E!

In 4E, we have battled the Romans, found out what happens to our food when we’ve eaten it and thought about our new beginnings! And this is just some of the work we have done.


We went to Bosworth Battlefield to learn how to be a Roman soldier, how to prepare for a Roman feast and we found out about different activities the Romans might have done. It was a thoroughly enjoyable day which taught us a lot about how the Romans lived!

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In Computing we have designed our own toys and are currently programming them into Scratch to bring our toys to life! You can also have a go and practise at home.

We go swimming every week. We know that it is a very important life skill for us to learn and each week as well as having lots of fun we are improving our swimming skills.

We look forward to welcoming you into our class at our next open afternoon.


This year we will be learning about: