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Ask Kids


Welcome to class 4B


In Year 4 we enjoy looking after each other and supporting each other through our learning. We share ideas and learn by asking questions about what we are doing. We all have a growth mind-set in year 4, and Brian the brain helps us when we find it hard to use our GRIT and keep going when it gets hard.


We learn about our themed curriculum in as many interesting and fun ways as we can.  In the afternoon we get creative and use the school grounds for tasks such as reading, exploring and discovering.


Our challenge is to improve our skills and make them precise. We work hard on different activities in lots of the afternoon topics, be that the Romans in history, rivers in geography or carrying out an exciting science investigation.


We always work as a team and try our very best in all that we do. Sometimes we write about it with our beautiful handwriting too!


We look forward to welcoming you on our next open afternoon to see our great learning.

This year we will be learning about: